Friday, June 22, 2007

Fire Brooks

Why David Brooks should be fired from the NY Times staff:

An excerpt from today's column.

A boy who grew up in a home where he was emotionally rejected is going to perceive his girlfriend differently than one who grew up in a happier home, even though he might not be able to tell you why or how. Women who grow up in fatherless homes menstruate at an earlier age than those who don’t, and surely perceive their love affairs differently as well.

Women who live in neighborhoods with a shortage of men wear more revealing clothing and are in general more promiscuous than women in other neighborhoods. They probably are not conscious of how their behavior has changed, but they’ve accurately construed their situation (tougher competition for mates) and altered their behavior accordingly.

Where are your sources Brooks?! What kind of crazy assertions are these? If I had some time today, I'd go look up your stats, but in the meanwhile, I'm just going to be outraged at this sort of ridiculousness that you put into print.

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