Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Good Life

I'm on Day 4, here at my new job, and the change is palpable.

When I left Disgruntled Office, my "farewell" was a pre-wrapped coffee cake served during our staff meeting, and a nice vase of flowers from my one good supervisor. Not even a card. It was pretty embarrassing to have to pretend to be so grateful for so little, but that was there.

At the new job this week, I was greeted with a bouquet of flowers, a brand new desk twice the size of my old one, all new office supplies, a brand new computer and printer, etc. In my first meeting, regarding a marketing plan, I was a) allowed to speak, b) allowed to suggest new ideas, and c) complimented on having good ideas. Amazing. Amazing!

Everyone has been nothing but nice to me. I get an hour for lunch again. I have good assignments, and people treat me like I'm capable of doing a good job. And no one has made fun of my miniature Buddha shrine. My co-workers smile and greet me in the morning and ask how I'm doing. I feel like I'm in the right place, and like I want to stay here for a while.

2 responses:

WorkingDefinition said...

Double thumbs up!

Margaret said...

Yay! Shiny happy new job!! Congrats!

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