Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Return to Sender

In combing through some backfiles to learn more about my new workplace, I found some correspondence from people who have, let's say, declined to give to the institution. I think the most shocking thing was how awful some of the comments were considering they aren't that old. Here are some samples:

"I will not be giving to you now, or in the future, as your materials only confirm that the institution is no longer as it was when I was associated with it in the '50's. [This institution] has drifted so far to the socialist left agenda that I am totally alienated. I will probably donate my resources to the NRA and hope they can help preserve freedom in MY country." (from 2002)

"When [this institution] stops catering to homosexuals and lesbians and disallows their use of the institution's facilities, then I shall resume my donations." (from 2001)

And then there was the repeat offender:

2000: "I started buying IBM in 1960 and now have 20,000 shares. I was to leave 1/2 to [this institution], but am afraid it will go to Afro-American grants. When you start having non-minority grants, you will get the stock."

2002: "The cover of the 'Leadership Campaign' had 2 black students pictured. Are you a Black Institution now? If so, you do not get any of this Honky's money."

2003: "I am rather well off, no children. I would like to leave some funds to you, but every time I get your magazine, I feel X Institution should be changed to African Institution. I will leave no funds to X Institution."

2004: "The magazine has so much sucking up to blacks I think instead of giving funds to you, I will give it to skin heads or Neo-Nazis."

2006: "I notice all the donors in the photo who made big gifts are white. Yet the magazine is loaded with black crap. I want to live in USA, not Africa. Tone down the black crap and you will get a check."

I am APPALLED that people still think this way. My institution serves everyone, and everyone should get an equal opportunity. I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion, but really, what purpose does this sort of slander serve? Is my institution really going to discriminate against minorities over a gift of stock? These pieces made me very angry, and really served to remind me that the world isn't as rosy and equal as I'd like it to be. I thought I would share the outrage.

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