Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Right to Life

I support abortion, because I feel it is an integral part of women's rights, as well as important in combating poverty. Unintended pregnancy happens, and I believe that until a fetus can survive outside the womb, it's not a real person, it's a parasite.

Conflictingly enough, I also believe in the sanctity of life. It's there as a central tenet of Buddhism. I believe in respecting other lives, no matter who is living them.

And here is where I become upset with people, particularly right-wing Christians, who oppose abortion because it's "baby murder," but have no problem with the mass killing of Iraqi civilians. Right now, my finger is pointed right at Mitt Romney.

I met Mitt Romney, once, briefly, during his unsuccessful bid for the senate against Ted Kennedy. He had a dead-fish handshake, and was at local event to raise his profile, and he'd dragged along some of his kids, who looked like they would like to have been anywhere but there. I didn't think much of it at the time, I was busy with the event volunteer work I had to do.

When he came back and ran for governor, I voted against him. I couldn't stand his "Slick Dancin' Mitt" routine. I thought he'd done a terrible job managing Bain Capital, and his proposal to run the state like a business didn't make any sense to me. I'm sorry he won, because in his first month in office, in one week, he cut 75% of funding for rape crisis centers (including Spanish-language counselors, who are in high demand), and then doled out $100,000 to keep a public golf course open. That's priority setting for you.

And now, he's taking himself to a new spot on the horizon, somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun. In '92, he said he would be a supporter of gay rights, even more so than Kennedy. Now he wants all the gays to go back into the closet, and hopes there will be federal gay marriage ban. He used to support choice, but now he's claiming to support the "Sanctity of Life," it's right there in his campaign ads.

But in the recent Republican debate, Romney declared that he would use a nuclear weapon on Iran. There's a compassionate Christian for you (and yes, Mormons are Christians). Someone who will save tiny, parasitic cells because they are "life," but won't hesitate to wreak destruction on an entire country, killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Now, I often hear from conservatives that killing Muslims/Iraqis/Iranians/non-Americans is just perfectly fine because "they are the enemy." They are NOT the enemy. They are PEOPLE. They are people who, with the exception of some death-cult extremists, just want to live their lives, work their jobs, spend time with their families, study, learn, grow old, etc. Nothing different from most people here. Those people have a RIGHT TO LIFE.

Much more so than any blastula feeding off a uterus.

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mice said...

Its an important issue and one that I don't forsee will ever be wrapped up or tidy.

I don't think though its fair to say its more ethical than dropping a nuclear bomb on people. Its kinda like saying I killed your dog but at least I didn't kill your kid. Just becuase its better than one thing does not make it inherantly good.

Now I believe in a woman's right to choose. But Abortion is not always the right choice. Its not really what the fetus is as much as who they could become.

Some very important people to my life were adopted. Actually one of them was abandoned then found miraculously and put up for adoption. I am grateful for that, because without that perons being found my life would be a lot more miserable and a lot more meaningless.

I am not saying force anyone to have a baby when they cannot or will not.

I am saying compassion on those who haven't been born but might be born.

It shouldn't be illegal but nor is it the only solution. There are always alternatives.

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