Monday, June 25, 2007

Five Quick Green Ideas

After reading about Home Depot's efforts at greening their inventory, I was thinking about the things I do everyday in order to make less of an environmental impact. And I'm going to pass on the five easiest things to you, as a challenge to you, but also, I'd love you to leave your own challenges in the comments section.

  1. Reusable coffee stirrer: I quit using the plastic and wood stirrers from the cafeteria and now I use a glass swizzle stick that I got at Crate and Barrel. Bonus: It has a cute goldfish on it.
  2. Handkerchiefs: Easier to carry around than a pack of tissues, and reusable too. Also stylish and debonair.
  3. Sigg Water Bottles: Instead of picking up a new plastic Poland Spring bottle when you're thirsty, try refilling a Sigg. I got mine at EMS and it beats a Nalgene, hands down. No flavor retention, insulated metal for keeping drinks chilly, and handily clips to your bag.
  4. Use your feet: It's summer, so get outside and walk where you're going! I've taken to doing as many errands as possible by foot/subway to reduce the use of the car. Bonus: It's exercise. Bonus bonus: Save on gas.
  5. Bring your lunch to work: Instead of splurging on fast food that creates waste packaging, bring leftovers or a homemade sandwich in Tupperware, or, my favorite, glass Pyrex dishes. Bonus: Less grease.

2 responses:

Vanessa said...

Sigg is an especially good choice because it doesn't contain plastics which leech BPA. I should get one, I'm still using the nalgene bottle.

KEHutchinson said...

Another bonus.. Sigg comes in pretty designs! Form AND function

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