Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I went for a massage last night at Exhale. It's a beautiful spa that I highly recommend, although it's pricey. But I needed a massage. Badly.

(Sidenote: after a few years of constant pain and fatigue and a battery of tests--blood tests, MRI scans, physical exams, etc.--I was diagnosed last year with fibromyalgia. Lots of muscle tightness, chronic pain, and stiffness.)

My shoulder was so tensed and painful that I had gotten to the point of vaguely thinking it would make sense to take an axe and chop into the shoulder to relieve the tension. I also thought a good baseball bat application might not be a bad idea.

Well, it turns out I was somewhat on the right path; the masseuse whacked my back with rubber mallets. I was a steak being tenderized. It was actually a little painful. I didn't know my scapulas could be lifted so far from my back.

And today, I'm detoxing. All the waste that builds up in tense, stiff muscles is flowing out through my system and I feel sluggish. I can stretch, and move, and there's less actual pain today, just an ache from being pummeled with rubber mallets. Ahh.

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