Friday, July 13, 2007

I'd Like a Room Please...

So last night, Nate (my fiance`) and I picked up his cousin from the airport. Many of Nate's international relatives are coming in for our wedding (next week! eek!) and this was Nicole/Erika. (She has two aliases.) Nate had booked her a hotel downtown, the Shawmut Inn. Not a cool place.

When we got in, there was water damage in the hallways and they had giant blower fans going on. This was the same on each floor. On Nicole's floor, there was ripped up carpet too. Ick. So we shut off the fans so she could sleep.

Today, I was supposed to pick her up and take her on a tour of town. She called to say to come much later, she was sleepy. There had been a fire in the building and they put her out on the street at 2 am (after getting in at midnight following an intercontinental flight) in her nightgown and she was very, very tired.

I was so upset with the hotel, which I hadn't really liked in the first place, so I called around and finally managed to book a place in the Back Bay for a nice, even cheaper rate, and was run by a very nice guy who answered the phone quite promptly. I'll have to move her this afternoon.

This is all so stressful. I want to go back to bed, but I'm waiting for a UPS package. *sigh* There had better be time for a nap this afternoon!

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