Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Leading Questions

On December 17, 2006, Eastern Michigan University freshman Laura Dickinson was found in her room, raped and stabbed to death.

Under the Clery Act, the university was legally obligated to tell the campus, and to post the crime in its annual survey of campus activity. While Ms. Dickinson's death was, from the first, obviously foul play, it was put out that her death was due to "natural causes," and it was not until the February 2007 arrest of Orange Amir Taylor III that the true nature of her death was made known to the public--and her family.

Now the President, Vice President of Student Affairs, and Director of Campus Police are being fired.

So, if someone dies under suspicious circumstances, and the situation is covered up, information is misconstrued, and it is discovered that high ranking officials are lying, at EMU, they are taken out of office.

This rational form of thinking apparently does not apply to the White House.

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