Monday, July 02, 2007

Shopping for the Earth

Over the past year, my fiance and I have been moving toward being more "green." Mostly this means trying to consume less and recycle more. And then came the conversation last night.

We're leaving for our honeymoon on July 22, and as part of the whole "romantic getaway," I was thinking of getting a few nighties. My original idea was to visit Victoria's Secret, but really, I've stopped liking most of their stuff, so I abandoned that idea. Lady Grace, who I went to for help finding a bra not visible under my wedding dress, didn't have anything I liked. And then, yesterday evening, Nate suggested I try and find some eco-friendly lingerie. Why not? we thought. A quick internet search ensued, turning up nothing much.

But this morning, in the Times, I found a link to a story about eco-consumerism. And it made me think. Was buying organic cotton for a nightgown really that effective in helping the environment? Was it really worth it? Maybe I should just sew my own cute nightgown from what is already in my sewing basket?

But it's not like I wouldn't wear the lingerie again; almost everything I've bought for this wedding is reusable, or will have little environmental impact. We bought Nate a suit he can wear to work, my dress is simple, so I can wear it for fancy occasions, the bridesmaids were just asked to wear blue, preferably in the dress they already own, so no one gets stuck with a dress they wouldn't wear again, we're not having programs, because that's just wasted paper, etc. etc.

Yes, I think green consumerism is a fad, and not always worth pursuing. As the article says, the best thing to do is not consume, but you'd be very hard pressed to take the consumerism out of most Americans. But I do prefer that people start thinking of the impact their consumerism has, and hopefully, it will trend toward something that really will make a big difference.

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