Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Women on Top

I can't tell you how happy this headline makes me feel:

Courting Female Donors: As women become wealthier, colleges learn to solicit gifts from them

Women are expected to own half the wealth in the United States by 2010. They also account for 58 percent of undergraduates at colleges today.

Those statistics should loom large for higher-education fund raisers at a time when almost every institution is either in the middle of its largest fund-raising campaign ever or planning to announce one. But despite 20 years of chatter among college leaders about how female benefactors will play a bigger role in the success of fund-raising campaigns, little is known about how their gifts have grown or changed.

Now fund raisers say there is a greater urgency to pay close attention. Some $41-trillion will be transferred to baby boomers over the next 45 years. Women will eventually control much of the nation's assets, simply because they live longer than men and inherit 70 percent of all estates. The baby-boom generation also includes many of the first female college graduates to have acquired wealth in their own right.

Nice to know that we're still making progress. Sure the Radical Wrong is trying to take away our ability to control our own bodies, but hopefully, in a few years, we can afford to buy back self-governance.

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