Friday, August 17, 2007


In the past week, I've been concentrating on career-oriented blogs. I've perused Little Red Suit and Modite, swung by Lindsey Pollak's place and the Women's DISH. And I have to say, it's all pretty damn motivating. And I think, wow, look at these women and how they just go after what they want. I want to do that too!

I'm really working on developing a five year plan for myself. I know my last job was a mistake, and it really set me back a year, since I ended up not being able to move up from the assistant level when I moved on. It did bring me one very valuable connection, but really, it wasn't worth the stress and misery I went through.

I know that on an unspoken agreement, I need to stay here for at least two years. After that, I know I'm going to go for an Assistant Director position, and not quit until I get one. (Sometimes, I'm pissed off that I didn't hold out this time around. The counter argument is that if I had held out much longer at my old job, my physical and mental health would have deteriorated to a seriously dangerous level.)

Still being in a university setting, I am eligible to take more courses and learn more, train more. I already have a Master's degree, and I'm not sure what I would do for another. Do I really need an MBA? Maybe something in Marketing? Communications? I have a little time to decided, but it will also involve taking the GRE, something I dread.

I wish I'd figured out earlier on what I wanted to do with my life. I really do. Sometimes it seems like I'm playing catchup. At this rate, I'll never make a Director position by 30. It irks me so much that I'm behind where I want to be. BUT. I will make it. I will continue to throw myself into the challenge of building a proper career. I will work it out.

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Unknown said...

Glad you've been enjoying the blog. I have to say, I have had many of the same feelings you do. I'm almost done with my master's and I've wondered about an MBA too. But, I've also learned lately that simply choosing a path for yourself is very motivating in and of itself. Maybe you're only as "behind" as you let yourself be. Who knows. At least we're figuring it out along the way rather than saying "I wish I would have..." at 50!

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

I'm not clear why you think you can't have a director position by 30. Are you talking Executive Director? We should talk more. I just got an Executive Director position. I'm 23. One of my other woman friends is the ED at a women's rights nonprofit. I think she's in her late twenties. You've obviously got the skills. I can tell by reading your posts. Let me know what you think.

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