Friday, August 24, 2007

Bump This

A little funny for your day... Tim Grieve's War Room over at Salon held a contest asking for suggestions for Election '08 slogans (particularly for bumper stickers). I've been giggling at them in between my work today; a sampling of my favorites:


  • The Constitution - Not Just A Good Idea, It's The Law
  • Screw Interns, Not The Constituency
  • Make Lieberman irrelevant - Elect More Democrats
  • Democratic Victory 2008, Because the Red Staters Didn't Pray Hard Enough
  • Christmas-Wrapped Fascism Sucks
  • Don't question authority
  • 2008 GOP: Fool me twice, don't get fooled again
  • The Constitution can't drop nukes on Iran
  • Who needs liberty or security when you can simply hate?
Feel free to add any other (I'm looking at you, Charles!)

3 responses:

ccroceiii said...

Calla, I appreciate the invitation. I don't have any bumper stickers on my truck; I am just a simple construction worker hoping not to upset any of my clients. Liberals can be so vindictive, (did Hillary ever explain what happened to the FBI files? nevermind... I digress) Bumper stickers... since you do not drive a vehicle, I can only imagine, with dirty thoughts, exactly where you post these things. I find myself wondering why you are so worried about gaining weight when it is just so much more area to post upon.
Bumperstickers are the lowest form of social and political expression and I shall for now not participate in their creation.
(Great... I am sure this will eat away at me for a couple of days and I will be back with a few... I really appreciate the termite-like work you are doing on my brain.)

With care and loathing...

ccroceiii said...

You are a psychological vandal.


The apocalypse is coming, Vote Democrat.

The Democratic Party can make America what it once used to be, a minor colonial power covered with trees.

Al Gore's son is my copilot.

What is the difference between Hilliary Clinton and God? God knows he's not Hilliary.

John Edward's hair caused more damage to the ozone layer than my truck.

Got white guilt? Vote Obama.

A random sampling from the phone book could produce better candidates than what the Democrats are fielding. Oh yeah, that's how we got Carter.

ccroceiii said...

The OJ jury votes Democrat.

The Republican Party, because we have no other choice.

Since Democratic fascists still wish he was in power in Iraq:
"Dig up Saadam. A snappy uniform, beret, and a come hither smile. Saadam Housain (D) Tikriti." The dead already vote for the Democrats, quite a voting block you are ignoring there.

Amigo! Que pasa? No papal, no problema. Voto Democrat cuando en Los Estados Unitos por temporal trabajo que lost gringos son poncho perezoso. (translation: Friend! What's up? No papers, no problem. Vote Democrat when in the United States for temporary work that Americans are too lazy to do.)

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