Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bye, Bye Ms. American Pie

I was so disheartened to read that according to election predictions, the number of women in office (Congress, Senate, Governor) is probably going to shrink in 2008.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton could be elected president next year, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi would likely remain Speaker of the House assuming the Democrats retain control of Congress. But otherwise, women's long, steady march into public office could stall in 2008, and possibly even retreat.

Women will surrender two of the nine governorships they now hold and face stiff competition over a third. All three women up for re-election in the Senate can expect withering opposition, including Louisiana's Mary Landrieu, whose seat is considered the Democrats' most vulnerable.

It's almost enough to make me want to run for office to help propel women into serving their country (and not by fighting a meaningless war that is likely to end in death or maiming).


After reading a post on this in Salon's War Room, I am reflecting and feeling less disheartened. After all, it's another push in Clinton's direction to take the White House. And while I'm still pulling for Edwards, it would be nice to see a woman, particularly one as a smart as Clinton, in the Oval Office.

3 responses:

ccroceiii said...

Women should not be in elective office. Your estrogen poisoned brains are likely to make bad decisions. Have children and shut up. He he he...

KEHutchinson said...

Charles, Charles, Charles..

It's men like you who will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

ccroceiii said...

My dearest Calla;

If your beautiful hands hold that rifle, I shall consider myself well done away with; I shall go with the knowlede of the true fascist tendencies of your ilk.

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