Wednesday, August 22, 2007

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

My parents weren't exactly the best role models in my life when it comes to nutrition. Sure they could give a mean history lecture or hang out and tell you about meteor showers and how to find Orion's belt (the infamous "bang bang bang") and even explain how to clean the muffler on a moped and change the spark plugs. (Okay, all of that was my dad, but, um, my mom showed me how to polish silver...) Anyway, back to food.

I've never liked dairy, and so, when I began to find subversive ways to avoid my mandatory glass of milk at supper, my mother made up for it by giving me extra ice cream (note: I was a very scrawny kid, and this was before the age of helicopter parents). And of course, there was Coca-cola Classic.

I can't remember I time when I wasn't drinking Coke. I drank Coke in the morning before school, from the vending machine at school, when I got home, after dinner, before bed... I drank a lot of Coke. By high school, my consumption was roughly 16 liters per week (counting the 2 liter bottles that were bought on the weekly grocery shopping trip), and that does not include anything from a vending machine, at the movies, out to eat, or over at a friend's house. (Dad often jokes about how he was so used to buying so much Coke that when I left for college he had no idea where to store what he'd come home with.)

Anyway, after I graduated college, I put together a lot of information about Coke and what it does to your teeth, bones, and innards, and I decided to kick the habit. It was hard. It was very hard. I did it cold turkey, but still, I would dream of Coke at night, see it in the bottle and I would drool just thinking about the fizz and the taste and the refreshing nature of it all...

It's been five years since I've had a Coke. I'm very proud of that.

But today, I began to consider, am I addicted to chocolate?

I have chocolate every day. In my non-fat, no-whip mocha in the morning. In my trail mix snacks. From the candy dish in the office. Put a dessert menu in front of me and I'll pick Death by Chocolate or Chocolate Mousse Cake easily. Flourless chocolate cake calls my name. Yesterday I ate at a cafe that supplied me with the chocolate equivalent of tiramisu, and the thought of it makes my mouth water right now. When I'm hungry for sweets, I want chocolate. I like dark chocolate best, thick and rich. Hot fudge, creamy mousse, a good texture is key. Maybe I'm just a connoisseur. Maybe I need help. Maybe I need a Snickers bar.

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Constance Squared said...

I so want to kick the coke habit (here in Texas, everything is a coke, regardless of whether it's a sprite or a dr. pepper or whatever....) I don't drink nearly the amounts you write about, and in my typical life, I limit myself to one per day, and sometimes I don't even have that. We just got back from vacation and I think I went a bit overboard. But certain foods, like pizza, to me can only be eaten when accompanied by a coke. I can't enjoy pizza with water or iced tea.

Maybe I need an intervention as well. Maybe I need to kick my pizza habit first.

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