Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Not So Sunny

Like most people, I enjoy seeing a good movie on the "big screen." But I dislike how much a movie in the theatres costs these days.

On the other hand, I won't pass up going to see a movie with a friend, because I like the companionship.

Last week, my good friend Margaret and I went to see the train-wreck "Sunshine." Or spaceship-wreck.

Do not confuse this film with "Little Miss Sunshine," which I'm told is a good film. "Sunshine" follows a crew of scientists/astronauts who are going to the Sun (which is going out) to detonate a bomb inside the star, in order to "reboot" it. The premise is not too bad. It's the movie itself that sucks so much.

The scientists seem so incompetent, and the ship counselor too extraneous. The one cast member I really liked was Michelle Yeoh, and I was sad to see her so wasted in this flick.

It was all difficult to follow, with crazy scene cuts and widely varying cinematography. The ending made little sense, and the decisions of the ship's crew were just obviously stupid. Except for the special effects, I might have been watching a bad episode of the original "Star Trek." No wait, that's an insult to "Star Trek."

Not recommended.

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