Monday, August 06, 2007

Wonders Never Cease

To demonstrate today the amazing capabilities of the human body, I present the case of a woman who lived for over 50 years with a pencil stuck in her brain:

BERLIN (Reuters) - A 59-year-old German woman has had most of a pencil removed from inside her head after suffering nearly her whole life with the headaches and nosebleeds it caused, Bild newspaper reported Monday.

Margret Wegner fell over carrying the pencil in her hand when she was four.

"The pencil went right through my skin -- and disappeared into my head," Wegner told the newspaper.

It narrowly missed vital parts of her brain. At the time no one dared operate, but now technology has improved sufficiently for doctors to be able to remove it.

Most of the pencil, some three inches long, was taken out in an operation at a private Berlin clinic, but the tip had grown in so firmly that it was impossible to remove.

All I can think of after reading this is:

"There's a crayon in my brain?"

"We could try to remove it. It could vastly increase your brain power... or possibly kill you."

"Vastly increase my killing power, eh?"

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