Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Career Building

How would I describe this blog? It's very opinionated, and also details my search to build my professional career. As I get into networking, I'm trying to decide how to rework this blog so that it works to my advantage. My own name isn't here in black and white, although if you know me in person, you'd know this was my blog.

I ask this, because, as I was creating my DWC Faces profile on the Downtown Women's Club site, I didn't know if I should list this site on there. Certainly the DWC Faces profile is more "social" than LinkedIn, another networking tool that I use, but I wasn't sure if it would hurt my professional image to link to here. I mean, I'm openly critical of the Bush Administration, talk about plenty of out-of-workplace issues like religion, not to mention, talk about female anatomy. Nothing I would chat about in the office.

Maybe I should set up a separate blog regarding my career? Or would that become too much trouble to maintain?

I'd love to hear from fellow 20-something career builders on this.

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Lindsey Pollak said...

Hi Calla,

Such an important decision - nowadays your online persona can be just as important to your career as your in-the-office persona. It's a personal decision of course, but my two cents would be NOT to list your personal blog on a professional network.

If you're writing about controversial or very personal issues, you probably don't want potential employers, bosses, and clients reading about it. I've interviewed lots of recruiters and other professionals and virtually everyone Googles a person before hiring or working with her.

What's the upside of promoting a personal blog in a professional forum? Unless you don't want to work anywhere where they don't agree 100% with your political views, I think the downsides are too strong.

Again, just my two cents, but I hope it's helpful.

Lindsey Pollak
Author, Getting from College to Career

KEHutchinson said...

I think that makes a lot of sense. You're right, it is a "personal" blog more than anything else. I appreciate your input.

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