Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Looking for Diogenes

Has blogging been reduced to this?

When I read a blog, I expect it to contain actual content, something seriously thought out by the writer. This blog is a record of my career exploits, and my own commentary on a variety of topics I find important. I think about what I write about, and I expect other bloggers, be they personal or commercial, to do the same.

Now, Brick Marketing has decided to take the hard work out of blogging for companies and startups, by doing contract writing. I find this to be truly disingenuous. Sure, politicians hire campaign bloggers, but those bloggers are involved because they are passionate about their topic. They do it because they want to support the campaign. This sounds like just another case of outsourcing:

Social marketing company Brick Marketing LLC has added blog writing and blog setup services to its roster of marketing services, the company said on Tuesday.

Boston-based Brick Marketing LLC is marketing an affordable blog setup services for small businesses. For a one-time setup cost and a monthly fee, clients can receive daily blog posts with unique content that is written specifically for their target audience, according to Brick Marketing executives.

"This 'no-stress' blog writing service allows clients to have a full, traffic-generating blog without the stresses associated with blogging," said Brick's president Nick Stamoulis, in a statement. "Companies can save time and money by allowing Brick Marketing to launch and write in corporate blogs every day of the week."

Is blogging stressful? Certainly. I put a lot of effort into this blog, and make sure what I write is meaningful--to myself especially. To have a blog put together by a marketing team says to me that the person putting together the website doesn't really care about content. There's such a thing as putting on a show, jumping on a bandwagon, and being a lemming. If you're going to have a blog, you should put in enough effort to write your own content.

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