Monday, September 24, 2007

Local Politics

Tomorrow is voting day in East Boston to elect a new State Representative. Four candidates are running, and I'm happy to see that two are women and one is Latina, so it's a nice diverse group. I'm disappointed that both women seem to be lagging heavily.

I'm personally torn between two candidates, and I keep coming back to the difficulty behind casting my vote. Following the founding principles of democracy, I should vote for the person that I think will do the best job. This would be Gloribell Mota. Mota has been very active on the ground in East Boston, and I worked with her on Governor Patrick's primary campaign at the local level. I also think that in a community that has an overwhelmingly Latin makeup, it is important that one of their own is representing them.

On the other hand, looking at the numbers, this is really a race between Carlo Basile and Jeff Drago, and the other two candidates are seemingly just for show. It would be a difficult win for Mota. I really dislike Basile, mostly because he's a Romney supporter and ran the Healey campaign (the rumor is that he changed his party affiliation just to run in the Democratic primary here, because it's difficult around here to run as a Republican). Jeff Drago already works for the city and is endorsed by our city councilman, Sal Lamatina, as well as Anthony Petrucelli, our new state senator whose victory in the last special election left the current Rep seat open. I'm supportive of his ideas, and think he would do a good job.

But I think Mota would do the best job.

So, it's really, do I vote for Mota, because I think she'd do the best job, or do I vote for Drago, because I think he can actually win, and would be better than the other frontrunner? It's a question I despise. I don't know if I'll really know who I'm voting for until I get in the booth tomorrow. It would be nice if we had some solid, tangible numbers to look at, but it's a very local race, and there don't seem to be any, other than the roundup from candidates making phone calls to remind people to vote.

Here's to democracy.

2 responses:

LisaS said...

hello, mota will have another chance. she is young and very smart and passionate. in time she will have a serious shot at a position. please rethink your vote, do we really want conservative basile in office!?!

Anonymous said...

Thank God Basile won, he was the best in the field!

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