Wednesday, October 17, 2007

If a Tree Falls...

I made a mistake today at work, and no one knows about it. I'm going to be able to fix it, and the mailing will go out on time. I caught it in time, but I'm angry that I made the mistake in the first place.

So, is it bad because I made the really bad mistake, or is it good, because I caught it and can fix it?

And from an ethical work perspective, should I tell my supervisor about it? I can't decide. Part of me says yes, because it means that perhaps I need someone to watch my work more closely, and part of me says, no, why bother her with something she doesn't need to worry about?

And while I'm being down on myself, how much recycling will I have to do to make up for the wasted letterhead and envelopes? I hate throwing out so much paper!

Updated 5 minutes later...

And maybe I should be more calm and rational before realizing the date error was caused by my reopening the wrong source document in Word. Which means that the letters I printed came from the correct source document, and aren't wrong after all. Crisis averted. I think the maxim of the day shall be:

Pay Attention To Details.

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ccroceiii said...

You cannot be so censorous! (My word, I take credit for it.) Tell us the mistake! He he he

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