Friday, October 05, 2007

Making the Rounds

Yesterday was the Annual Meeting for my professional association. I went with our Assoc. Director, Gretta, who is also a member, and really, I wish I hadn't.

Gretta is from New York, and thinks there's nothing outside of New York (I'm really not sure why she hasn't gone back already). On our ride down via subway (which she complained about the whole way there), she kept talking about how Boston is a cultural backwater. I listened patiently, because, well, it's not nice to talk back to your superiors. Honestly, spending time with her outside the office is a real drag.

When I got to the meeting, I made sure to say, "Oh, there's so-and-so, I need to say hi" right away and tried to do my best to meet new people. It wasn't my most successful day. A lot of people I'd wanted to connect with weren't there, but I made the most of it. And I would like to point out that I did really well talking to a fellow newcomer to the Development field who in the course of telling me how she ended up working for Campus Ministries told me about her sorority mentor asking her to think about "why she was on earth" and that led to "accepting Christ as her personal savior." I smiled and told her that I thought it was wonderful that she was so passionate about her work.

I did meet a woman from an Ivy League institution that I'd nearly been hired by three years ago, and she mentioned a post that was open. I swapped cards and today I got an email with the post description. I haven't had time to look it over yet, but it's on my weekend radar.

I also signed up to be on the Service Committee for the group this year. I'm looking forward to volunteering. Not to mention it's experience and looks good on the resume.

I also had my resume picked out on; a recruiter for another metro-Boston school invited me to apply for a post in their Advancement Department. I gave them a quick peek and decided it wasn't something I wanted to do. So I kindly emailed her back and said while I was appreciative that she had sought me out, I wasn't planning on leaving my current institution.

I've been emailing with my mentor from my last job, and she agrees with me that the recruiter's job wasn't something I really needed to pursue. She asked me if I was unhappy where I am. The answer to that is no, even though there's been some rough days around here, but really, I'm keeping my eyes open and plotting my next moves. My current plan is to stay here through next year, and then focus on moving to a Director-level position. I'm really ready to manage people instead of simply being managed by others.

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