Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Rape of the Lock

As we all know, your image is important to your career. I learned this myself recently, so I've been focused on re-framing my visual self. Most of this involved clothing, but then, there was the very short haircut, that I'm still feeling very ambiguous about. So I'm waiting for my hair to grow out.

I like short hair because it's easy to take care of, and it makes me look a little older than I am. Age is important, because someone who looks older is automatically assumed to have more experience and is taken more seriously.

In the Women's Dish recently, Diane K. Danielson was talking about an article in Elle magazine where a woman was told that in order to heighten her chances for career success, she should lighten her hair. It reminded me of another piece I read in Newsweek, where a woman decided to stop dying her hair and go grey and see how people reacted to her new 'do. Her image consultant's advice was, if she wanted a promotion, or to switch careers, she'd need to go back to coloring her hair.

So the get ahead, the gray doesn't work, and blonde is better. How sad. My hair is borderline between dark blonde and light brown (it depends on who you ask), and I don't think I want to color it, light or dark.

It irks me that women are still being judged by their looks to get ahead. The more I consider the short hair on me, the more I realize it's going to hold me back professionally. It's sad, but true. It's all about fitting in the box, which is hard, because I'm such an "outside-the-box" person.

I'll just have to hold on to my originality, as I grow my hair out. I'm predicting that in a few years, I'll be debating whether to go for highlights or lowlights.

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Vanessa said...

This is bad news for me then. I have dark brown hair.

ccroceiii said...


You are really making strives for the woman's movement.

You know, I have never worried about my hair color. I am presently working on a nice salt and pepper grey with no effort on my part... in fact, I have not cut it since early last spring, actually... to be truthful... I don't think I can back that up... I don't know when I cut it last.

I am still waiting for that updated photo of you exiting the shower.



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