Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Short Cut

It doesn't make an impact without a picture, so here's a mental one for you: Annie Lennox from her "Sweet Dreams" phase. Only dark blonde.

I cut my hair. I lopped it off. It's gone.

And I'm sick of what the majority of people are telling me about it. My husband loves it. The director of my department was gushing over it. Several people at work have said it's cute.

And then there's the other comments:

"Oh, it will look better when you grow it out."
"Oh, my. Well, as long as you like it."
"Did you pick out that cut?"
"I liked it better longer."
"It makes you look like a little boy."
"What did you do, walk in and ask for the dyke special?"
"It's so butch."

I have to react. I have to say, I wanted this haircut, I like having short hair, my husband thinks I'm super attractive with this haircut, so shut up already!

The undertone that I'm less of a woman because I have super-short hair is appalling. Just because I've cut my hair off doesn't make me a lesbian. I'm angry at these assumptions. Maybe I just didn't feel like spending so much time in the morning playing with my hair. Maybe it's none of your business why I cut my hair.

And lastly, the old adage: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

2 responses:

Constance Squared said...

People can be such idiots. Good for you for getting a cut you want and love!

ccroceiii said...

"If you can't say something nice..." Calla, when has that ever stopped me?

You need to update the photo. I suggest something in a low cut top or perhaps a bathing suit? How about a tight wet towel just coming out of the shower?

If you wish to obsess about your looks, allow me to also.

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