Monday, October 15, 2007

Spinning My Wheels

Here, on a half-grey Monday in Boston, I'm daydreaming a little. I love Boston, but something in my mind keeps nagging me to try somewhere new.

As I register my Directors for conferences in New York, D.C., Dallas, I keep thinking, when do I get to go somewhere too? I have an amazing itch to travel and see new places.

One of my semi-secret dreams is that Nate will graduate with his City Planning degree and get a really great job somewhere new, like Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Chicago. It would be amazing to learn a new city, meet new people, see new museums, find new bookstores and parks and coffee shops.

I've lived all my life in New England, and have only rarely left my northeastern turf. I think I'm hoping the next few years will bring some fresh locations into my life.

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ccroceiii said...

May I recommend Geneva or Oslo? That seems to be where the uninformed leftists live these days.

Maybe you can get Al Gore another Nobel Prize?

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