Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Working For Two

As I was pondering last month about whether people look at me and assume that as a newlywed I'm just planning to start popping out babies, and how that would affect my career...

Apparently at Bloomberg, it's okay to demote a woman for becoming pregnant.

NEW YORK: The U.S. government is suing Bloomberg, the financial services and media giant, saying the company engaged in a pattern of discrimination against women after they became pregnant and took maternity leave.

In the suit, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleges that female employees at Bloomberg were demoted and that their pay was cut after they disclosed that they were pregnant. In some cases, managers questioned the women's ability to carry out their work because of family responsibilities, according to the suit, which was filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

My favorite part is this:

The lawsuit states that after becoming pregnant, the women were replaced by more junior male employees, excluded from management meetings or subjected to comments like "you are not committed," and "you don't want to be here." Complaints the women made to the company's human resources department were dismissed, the suit says.

If a woman "didn't want to be there," she would have quit. The fact that she's willing to do the work and keep going when her body is going through major changes doesn't say she's not committed, it means she's completely committed. When a woman is pregnant, or already has children, don't assume that she's not committed to her job. Men who have newborns at home are never assumed to have a lack of commitment.

I'm amazed that in 2007 we still have to fight for this. I'm part of the first generation of women who grew up thinking we could be anything. And I still can be anything. And I resent men and their institutions that continue to try and squash women's progress. I have a brain and I think with it, better than plenty of men. I'm smart and a quick learner, and I'm going to have a great career, and I'm not going to let someone say I can't simply because I don't have a penis!

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