Monday, November 12, 2007

Bicycle Built for Two

Since I am currently not bringing in a paycheck, belts have been tightened around the household. I've given up my Starbucks mochas and my penchant for used books from Amazon. Takeout has also gone by the wayside.

However, in the midst of this, Nate and I have been exploring ways to be more green while saving money. And our biggest coup has been taking up biking to do our errands. It saves us money in terms of gas for the car, which is a huge expenditure. But it has more pros than that: it's great exercise, and it's just plain fun.

Our setup involved refitting Nate's bike with a basket on the front and we bought a used cart off Craigslist for $50. It's a "Chariot," designed to carry one or two small children, but it also proves to be excellent for carrying groceries and library books.

We usually ride out to Target, but we've also taken the bikes to Deer Island for an afternoon stroll. (The grocery store is close enough that we just take a wagon and walk.)

The one problem we do encounter is the relative unfriendliness of the city roads to bicycles. In East Boston (and Revere and beyond), there are no bike lanes. Cars park on the sides of the main roads in the breakdown lane, so often, we're riding directly in traffic. When it starts to snow, we'll have to give up biking for the winter, because I can't imagine trying to navigate parked cars and snow banks.

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