Wednesday, November 21, 2007


In my time of unemployment, in between networking, applying for jobs, and interviewing, I have been returning to my love of reading. I now have hours of uninterrupted time to sit with a book and lose myself in it without having to watch the clock, or make sure I haven't missed my subway stop.

Currently, I'm working on Great Expectations, since I never read it in high school. And surprisingly, to me, I'm enjoying it. I suppose I have the held-over from high school notion that Dickens must be boring. But really, it isn't. The characters are very vivid, and I'm genuinely interested in knowing where the story goes. It will still be a surprise to me, since I've never seen a movie adaptation, and it was never in my school curriculum.

I'm also re-reading Buddhist Women on the Edge, a collection of wide and varying essays on Buddhism and feminism edited by Marianne Dresser. It's a really eye-opening book on all the different ways that women perceive Buddhism. And I think it's a better read this time around because I've immersed myself so much more deeply in my practice and scholarship. I know a lot more about the difference between Buddhist sects and the traditions of the Theravadin, Mahayana, and Vajrayana schools.

If anyone has any recommendations for good books (and I read just about everything) please send them on.

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Constance Squared said...

I just finished Notes on a Scandal. Not sure if you saw the movie but even so, read the book. I really liked it.

And it's going to take me years to finish the biography of Mary Queen of Scots but I'm trying....

Jill Fleming said...

Where you're looking for a new career - I'd recommend Basic Black by Cathie Black. It's a good read with great advice for career women. Get on the waiting list from your local library :o)

Good luck with your job hunt!


P.S. Noticed your resume paper from another post - you want to use linen white or cream for resume paper - it copies nicer when HR people are sending your resume around.

KEHutchinson said...

Thanks for the suggestions. Donna, that Mary Queen of Scots, who's it by? I think I've tried that one before.

Jill, I will definitely take a look at Cathie Black's book. (And I have managed to get some white resume paper!)

Unknown said...

If you want to read a classic work, pick a Faulkner, maybe As I Lay Dying. It's short, challenging, and heart-breaking. And you're richer than all the characters combined, even if you're out of work.

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