Friday, November 02, 2007

Resource Found

In looking for ideas about how to sum up my goals, I stumbled across a very informative new website, with an amazing amount of links to even more information about succeeding in the non-profit world. I am completely amazed at the depth and breadth of content. If you are interested in the non-profit world, please stop by Perspectives from the Pipeline by Rosetta Thurman.

The post I especially liked was How to Kickstart Your Non-Profit Career in 7 Days. Some of the things on the list were things I've already done, like join LinkedIn, or check out, but the organization of how each building block can create a career foundation was really inspiring.

2 responses:

Rebecca said...

Oh I love Rosetta- glad you happened upon her too. She's fantastic!

Rosetta Thurman said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for reading the blog. I'm so glad to see another young person in philanthropy in the blogging world :) And happy you found the content useful!

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