Thursday, December 20, 2007

8 Minute Dating

Tuesday I saw my career coach again. I ruled out law school, and my new plan is to rack up some more working experience, and then go for an MBA. My top choice au moment is Simmons College.

Tuesday evening, I went to Nate's office holiday party, where I did some cool networking, ate some tasty food, and had a general all-around good time.

Wednesday, I went to a job interview. This job would really hit a lot of my strengths and interests; it's grant management in a teaching hospital with ties to academe focusing on science research. I'd get to do writing, management, research, and learn about heart disease. I really liked the hiring manager, and the thing that really stood out is that the previous person left the job because he was promoted--a suggestion from the hiring manager. There would be lots of opportunity for professional development, and the professors I met were really dedicated to their work.

Today I went to jury duty. I was dismissed before lunch, so I didn't get to participate in the judicial process. But I did start a new book, and got halfway through it. Also, the court officer assigned to the jury pool was very polite, friendly, and helpful. It was a pretty painless experience, although I would have liked more comfy chairs.

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