Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays

It's almost here...

I'm here listening to the Cambridge Singers wishing me a merry Christmas, and when this CD is over, we'll move on to Hungarian medieval Christmas music. The tree is up, and the cats are lounging, basking in the light, and Nate is writing emails to friends.

I'd end the suspense of this month's poll by telling you what I did get for my birthday, except I know there will be a few more gifts tacked on to my Christmas gifts when I see my folks tomorrow. (I still hold out hope for a guest role on "Bones"!)

I hope wherever you are, and whatever you're celebrating (or not celebrating) that you are happy, healthy, and warm. I hope you have someone to hug or a cat to nuzzle, and that you have a wonderful week, with many excuses for missing boring work and going sledding or some other whimsical pursuit.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas--for example, in our house, it's a strictly secular holiday--but I hope everyone can find a bit of good cheer.


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