Thursday, December 13, 2007


As part of my career exploration and keeping my options open, I have posted my resume on several job sites in the hopes that someone might come looking for me. So far, I've bet contacted by three companies looking for commission-only sales reps, and two headhunters.

The first headhunter brought me in for an interview, decided my experience wouldn't fit the job she had in mind, and dumped me. As in, didn't return phone calls to say I wasn't in the running for the job, and finally sent me a curt "don't call me, I'll call you" email.

Yesterday I met headhunter #2, who was much friendlier and had a sense of humor. She thinks I'd be great for a particular grant writing job, and we spent the afternoon reworking my resume for the post. It would be a real challenge opportunity, and I can't say a huge raise in pay doesn't tempt me. But I'm not putting all of my eggs in one basket; I haven't met her client yet, so I don't know if they will be as enthusiastic as she is.

I've been working on my list of "things I'd like to do," and trying to prioritize them. Part of this means taking what I've been doing and putting into categories. For example, Teaching is something I'm seriously considering, so I put in my contact with Carney, Sandoe and Associates who place teachers in charter and private schools. They called me today to schedule a phone conference for tomorrow.

Everything seems to be moving very quickly and very slowly at the same time. After all this consideration, I'm not sure what I want. I have three people to talk to tomorrow for jobs in teaching, fundraising, and grants administration. I'm going to have to think of a list of questions to ask, thoughtful, meaningful questions. I want my next job to be a good one, where I am doing something purposeful, where I am earning a good salary, in a good work environment, and I feel that I am growing and learning. Sometimes I feel like it doesn't matter what exactly I'm doing as long as it fits those intangibles.

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