Friday, December 14, 2007

What Do You Mean, Reading Deprivation?

Milena at Shouting to Quiet the Thunder is in a stage of "Reading Deprivation." I have to say that I immensely enjoyed her list of non-reading activities that she has come up with as a diversion:

1. Mailed my mother a pamphlet on saving energy. Mailing pamphlets??? I'm totally 80 years old.

2. Eat lunch without a magazine in front of me.
Actually make eye contact with co-workers who enter, they look uncomfortable. "Where is her magazine? What is she doing?"

3. Cry in the bathroom stall at work. Seriously. I did this. I was alone with my thoughts and realized how I'd been distracting myself from thinking about my dad.

4. Wait for a Tropicana OJ juice box to bloat without refrigeration. This happens surprisingly fast. Hours.

5. Become grateful for filling out forms at work. Cheat by reading the fine print.

6. Talk to people. Have conversations instead of email one-liners. Email is great - but a real conversation is better!

7. Watch TV. Can't help think that this also counts as distraction, but how could I miss Method Man's cameo on L&O?
8. Get hair done without searching the internet for a "hair idol". I don't really look like Mandy Moore anyways…

I don't think I could go without reading. Not one little bit. I read everything, from novels to nonfiction to the New Yorker to the back of my shampoo bottle. Could I imagine my life without Wikipedia to scan through for further details while I watch documentaries on the History Channel? (This is what ads are for... to give you five minutes to look up a picture of what you wanted to look at for longer than the program showed.) What would a subway ride be like without Archaeology magazine, or the latest Kathy Reichs mystery (please, please, please, Ms. Reichs, I know your last book came out in August, but I need another one, stat)? Heck, I love books so much, I have cloth book covers that I have made to protect my books from travel wear! I can't go to bed without reading. (Note to the world: a great cure for insomnia is Process Theology.)

So I admire Milena and wish her lots of luck. But don't think for a minute I'm going to go without reading!

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