Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Breast of Fresh Air

I just wanted to pass on a link to a really great site on the wonderful topic of breasts: Beauty and the Breast. Sybil Goldrich and Mary McDonough write this blog about breast health, implant controversy and bosom image.

I particularly enjoyed reading the entry on how the idealized shape of breasts came to be that of a beach ball.

When I read plastic surgeon Dr. Barry Eppy’s description of “Beach Ball Breasts,” I thought, Yes, that’s it! There’s no better description than the HARD BEACH BALL LOOK! Is that look what women really want, or are they led to it out of a desire for larger breasts?

As Doctor Eppy says, there are SO many factors to consider before implants, but I also wondered if he really tells his potential patients the many factors they need to consider about implants — all the complications and risks — or only about implant shapes and sizes and outcomes alone.

The Beach Ball Look is so prevalent now, that I worry that young women now don’t have any realistic points of reference. Their eyes are now so used to the look that, in likelihood, if you point it out to them, they could wonder, “Well, what’s wrong with that? Looks natural to me… ” With such fake points of reference, how could these women NOT be confused? It saddens me that women take such drastic measures, risking their health and their lives, to obtain this look.

One of my missions is to get women thinking about getting cosmetic implant into the classical galleries of museums. There, the images on display are still dominated by female figures with real, soft, natural breasts. Those places, my friends, may be last place to find actual breasts depicted from times when women were loved and admired and painted as God made them!

I love the idea of returning to the image of real women, with real bodies, instead of plasticized Barbie dolls. It's sad to think that the Pamela Anderson school of beauty has become so prevalent that some people don't even know what real breasts look like anymore.

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