Friday, January 18, 2008

Lazy Friday

Today is my last day of unemployment. And today, I am indulging myself. I got up earlier than I have been to have a leisurely coffee at Starbucks, and then rode the T to the Apple Store to buy a cable for Nate.

And then I came home and lay in bed with the cats and a book. I've been dozing on and off since noon, not seriously, but comfortably. I love that sort of languid state of lying in bed and reading, with nothing standing in the way of me closing my eyes for fifteen minutes or so.

I know this week I've been neglecting this blog a little, but I've been treating this week as a real vacation, as opposed to regular unemployment. My thoughts have been a bit quiet lately, but I do have some ideas of things I want to talk about in the next few weeks.

For now though, please enjoy what has turned out to be a lovely day and have a great weekend!

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WorkingDefinition said...

Sounds just fantastic - sometimes a day like you described is the best medicine. I think you'll be going into this next phase clear-headed and ready to kick ass.

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