Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Good News

Today I went to my health screening for my new job. I'm almost cleared, but I need to have a second TB test in two weeks, and I also need to dig up proof that I've had my MMR shots. Note to people seeking jobs in hospitals: Keep excellent medical records on hand, you will need them.

I also got to see my office.


Yes, for the first time in my life, I have an office! It's not that big, but I don't care. The gentleman who toured me up the elevator to it keep saying on the way up that it wasn't much, and he was sorry about that. And yet, when he opened the door, I saw the big, big window (he had said it wasn't big, but it is) with the wide sill, and a view of all the unique decorative architecture of the surrounding buildings... from the 14th floor. I have an office, a window, and a view. I'll have to take a picture to post later on. And I was told I can hang things on the wall, anything I want. I'm thrilled to have a real workspace for once. Everyone needs a room of one's own.

I also met with my new boss this morning, and I have high hopes for this working relationship. She seems very excited about hearing my ideas, and has some projects for me to work on that sound really interesting.

I can't wait to start next week!

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Constance Squared said...

Wonderful news! I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to hear the details and see this executive office you have. A window with a sill.... how unlike most offices I've ever had.

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