Thursday, January 10, 2008


This week has been a tumultuous one. There has been the negotiating for my new terms of employment, an interview I went to, even though I was 99% sure I would be taking the offer from the other place, the interview I canceled because I did accept the offer, the job opportunity I recommended a friend for, and the letting the stress of the past three months go.

When I am in the thick of stress, I tend to become focused on what I can do to fix the problem that's weighing on my shoulders. If I have learned anything in the past five years, it's that simply letting yourself give into stress does absolutely nothing for you. It makes you irritable and difficult to work with, and it's not worth the time and misery. And following that philosophy, for the past three months, I've been working on not giving in to the stress of losing a job in a situation that was far beyond my control and the panic of not having an income and the worry that our household couldn't survive on one income, and the terror of using up my savings.

And with the knowledge that I will start a new job, on the 22nd, my body is finally uncoiling. I am working on a two-day headache and total body exhaustion. Last night I couldn't eat dinner, I just collapsed into bed at 7:30 and fell asleep around eight. I got up today at 10:00, and I still feel unrested, I had terrible dreams last night. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, who picked up the laundry I had started at the laundromat, got me some aspirin and ginger ale, and tucked me into bed with our cats. He put on the air filter so I would have some comforting white noise and held me for a long time.

Hopefully after this week, I'll be able to leap back into the game. I'm going to figure out what to take to work, and contact my new boss to have coffee or lunch and work out specific hours and other mundane details. For now, since the weather is unseasonably warm, I'm going to take a walk, or maybe go downtown to the library.

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