Sunday, January 13, 2008

Simple Joys

As the reality of gainful--and paid--employment sinks in, I'm finding more and more of my stress sliding away. It's been four days without any nail biting, which I often take to be the best indicator of my stress levels. (My record for going without biting my nails is eight months.)

I had a lovely day yesterday, lounging in bed, finishing Girls of Riyadh, which I really enjoyed, and then Nate and I took my godparents to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the Napoleon exhibit. We'd been through it when it opened, but it was definitely worth seeing again. Afterwards, we cooked them dinner and had a wonderful visit Chez Nous.

Today will be filled with basic errand running, and I have a new book to start: Napoleon's Women. For the coming week, I have my health screening before I can begin my new job, my last meeting with the career coach, and maybe a trip to the movies to see Juno.

It's all very satisfying.

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