Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trying It On

A few modifications...

The original title of this blog was Defending Pandora, hence the URL. I have an essay I'm constructing on this theme, but generally the idea was that I would be writing mostly about feminism and as Pandora was the first woman (according to Greek Mythology), I would be essentially "defending" all women; Pandora as the Everywoman. It's a complex theme, and at some point, maybe I'll finish my essay on the topic.

But in any case, I began to worry that I wasn't writing about feminism enough, and so I changed the title to "From Boston With Love," because it was more user friendly, and well, I live in Boston.

But as I evaluate myself and think about the branding process (yes, I can see you rolling your eyes, Nate!), I realize that I should return to Defending Pandora. And so, for now, I've got a title and a subtitle. Once the title re-establishes itself, the subtitle will bid adieu.

Also, since Nate complains about not being able to comment because he doesn't have a Google ID (why he doesn't, I don't know, I've sent him plenty of invites...), I've changed the comments to be open to all. But if this leads to spam, we'll have to go back to the old system of Google ID commenting only.

You will also notice I've got a new photo, a less "severe" one, since my mother-in-law thinks my short hair looks severe, so it's redone to be more puffy and full. Not that my mother-in-law reads this, but I take her input seriously, since she is one of my career idols.

3 responses:

Vanessa said...

I suck at coming up with blog names. Hence I changed and picked "misnomered" so that it could just be a hodge podge of whatever.

Unknown said...

Just wanted to let you know - I thought you rocked the previous photo - especially love the glasses!

Unknown said...

Tnanks for the post - I'm sure your extended family were incredibly grateful. You were the role model I ceased to be upon moving out the house!

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