Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wax On, Wax Off

I have recently discovered a marvelous site, Divine Caroline. I love its content, written by all kinds of women, offering diverse perspectives on just about everything, from politics to style. This morning, I hit a piece by Rebecca Brown on bikini waxing.

I won’t sugar-coat it for you. The removal of my hair at the top of the “V” hurt like a mother. But Karla knew what she was doing and she did it quickly and—as I saw later—perfectly.

The next phase was something I dreaded even more. She’d be removing the hair further down, in the (ahem) labia region (sweet Jesus, where’s the vodka when you need it?). For this, she asked me to extend my left leg and rest it on her hip. I readied myself for the most horrible pain of my life, but after the strip was removed, I was surprised to find that this removal was far less painful than the previous one. After a couple of more pulls, Karla told me my front was done. So fast, I thought. “Time to do the back,” she announced. She asked me to turn over on my stomach. Where was the crouching on all fours? This position seemed dignified in comparison.

It's written with a good sense of humor, and it reminded me of the wax I got at Salon Euphoria just before my wedding (which, like Rebecca's barely hurt at all). The woman who waxed me at Salon Euphoria was very friendly and calming and worked quickly and made me feel very comfortable. I'd do it again, if I could fit it into my schedule...

Anyway, what really impressed me was Rebecca's ability to write about such a private ritual with amazing candor. It makes me feel like we're moving toward a place and time where we can say "vagina," "labia," "mons," and "clitoris," without flinching, or being punished for uttering vulgarities.

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