Friday, February 01, 2008

The Cat Came Back

Even though I have a job now, I've never bothered to turn off my HigherEdJobs search agent. In some ways, it helps me keep tabs on various people and departments. I often like to see who has openings, who is expanding, and who has left where. Since higher ed is like a small town neighborhood where everyone knows everyone, and higher ed development is practically incestuous, an opening listed on a job board can tell me a lot.

Anyway, today I clicked on the email in my Inbox, and lo and behold, there was a listing for my ex-job.

At first I didn't want to look at it, and then I decided to anyway. The description has been heavily modified and openly admits that they want just a secretary. They took out the degree requirement, and asked for someone who will do typing, copying, and filing.

The part that interested me the most was that this time around, they're sending the resumes directly to HR instead of letting the department see them, as they did when they hired me. This tells me that the executive who wanted me out is going to have a big role in picking my replacement.

Well, I wish them a lot of luck in filling the post. I'm glad they've come clean about wanting just a secretary instead of pretending that they wanted someone to help them construct marketing plans and data analysis. I feel as though they led me down the garden path with the promises of mentoring me into a bigger role. It's a good thing that they're being more honest this time around.

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Vanessa said...

Last summer I had an office assistant job which turned out to be kitchen duty for stock brokers. So glad I got out of there. What the hell are they doing recruiting housekeeping staff witha professional recruitment agency?

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