Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Higher the Heel

High heels are now a staple of my daily wardrobe--which I realize with mixed feelings. Part of me says, "Good for you, being able to walk in those things and assimilate into corporate culture." The other side rolls its eyes and says, "So, are you ready to put those things away and go back to flats? Do your feet/ankles/hips/back hurt enough yet?" I thought of my more practical inner voice, reading Jill's dissection on some pseudo-scientific results of a study declaring that high heels are good for women on Feministe.

Will I stop wearing heels? No way. I like the height they give me, and I've discovered that they influence my posture in good ways; I stand up straighter in heels. This all leads to a better projection of myself in a way that makes people take me seriously. So, loath though I am to admit it, heels have helped my career.

And yet, they cause plenty of problems. At home I soak my feet in a massaging tub with a bit of bath oil. I scrub them with foot files and pumice. I rub them, stretch them, press them against the floor to massage them. I coat them in lotion and wrap them up in socks to keep the moisture in. It's a lot of trouble, I know. Just for heels.

I still think it's worth it.

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Unknown said...

I have also accepted what seems to be the necessary evil to project the image I want at work - Aerosoles, Hushpuppies and Naturalizers (especially Naturalizers because as far as I am concerned this comfort line has most variety and the most stylish shoes of the lot) have saved my flat feet from destruction. You should check out the websites....

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