Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Voted, Did You?

Yesterday after work I went and voted at my local polling station. For me, voting is a sacred civic duty. It's the way the system works, and the way I can make my voice heard. I have only ever missed one voting opportunity because I couldn't make it to the polls in time.

Voting is a simple process where I live. I enter the station, head to the table, give my name and address. My name is checked off on a roll and I'm given a ballot. I take it to the voting booth, use the marker to blacked the circles next to the name of my chosen candidate. I slide the ballot into a protective folder and take it to the ballot counter. Once again my name and address are verified in the roll, and the ballet is collected into the mechanized box.

When I hear about lawmakers requiring photo IDs for voters, and creating other obstacles aimed at keeping people away from the polls, I become angry. Voter fraud is a myth. If we are to reform the voting process, we should allow more options for voters to get to the polls, so that they are not trapped by working schedules, or lack of transportation. If we're going to require photo IDs for voting, there should be a committee or office that would help registered voters get IDs so that they can vote.

Democracy works best when everyone participates. We should be working to make sure that everyone can.

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Carlita said...

Amen, sister! Maine democrats caucus this Sunday afternoon, and I am very excited!

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