Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Skinny Bitch Backlash

Yesterday I wrote about my reaction to Salon.com's review of Skinny Bitch, the nasty-toned secret-vegan self-help cum diet book.

And via Our Bodies, Our Blog, I found out Tara Parker-Pope also noticed Kaufman's article. It's worth reading the reactions on Parker-Pope's NY Times blog, Well. I liked this one:

I am so tired of the nasty, shallow appearance-oriented roles that women insist on playing… or playing into. The best way to keep going on any new food program is my sticking with it for a few weeks (one or two even) and letting the positive effects of healthy eating and the loss of those first few pounds, encourage you to eat better.
I thought it was bad when I was younger, but we didn’t have size zero when I was in high school. I feel for the women who are going to by into this.

— Posted by stefzad

stefzad, I hate to break it to you, but they not only have size 0 now, they have size 00 and 00P.

I watched Niagara over the weekend, and I have to say I have seen few things sexier than Marilyn Monroe in that movie, with her normal sized body and amazing curves. (In fact, Nate at one point stared at the screen and drooled over her rump and said, "Oh my god what an ass she has!" This was quickly followed by "It looks just like yours, honey.") I vote for less skinny bitches and more Marilyns, women possessed of their own bodies and proud of their looks.

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