Friday, February 08, 2008


Why do clothes designers so often skimp on pockets for women?

Unlike men's business clothes, which seem to stick to the two side pockets, two back pockets in the pants system and the two front pockets and one inside pocket scheme for jackets, women's clothes suffer from a serious dearth of pocket space.

I'm not sure if women are expected to carry a purse with them at all times or whether it's just assumed that women don't need pockets. I've noticed with a scowl that the lowering of the rise in women's pants has led to tinier and shorter back pockets if there are any at all.

This all comes to mind as I was getting out of the house this morning. Since I've started wearing makeup, I've discovered for the most part, I have to reapply lipstick at least twice a day. So I keep the lipstick in my blazer pocket for a quick touch up during the day. Today's problem was that my suit has only imitation pockets. Yes, that top flap and button exist on the front of the jacket, but there's no pocket. So I managed to get it into my back pants pocket, which it only just fit into. What is the point of a pocket if it only fits a lipstick?

The real solution is to not wear the suit; I should have looked it over more closely before I bought it.

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Milena said...

I think most women don't utilize pockets and possibly consumer research would indicate this preference. I have no way of validating this claim, just guessing, as I've always abhorred pockets on my pants for adding even a slight amount of uneccessary girth or visual cue to my rear or hip areas. Also, they tend to get bunched up funny since I tend to wear a more form fitted pant. Now, pockets missing on suit jackets is something I don't understand.

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