Friday, February 01, 2008

Proper Support

If you're a man, most likely, you've never tried to buy a good fitting bra. If you're a woman, I'm sure at some point, you've been in a dressing room, trying to hook/adjust/fit into a bra, frustrated by the annoyance that must be endured to support the breasts. (Not everyone needs to wear a bra, granted. On weekends and in the summer, I prefer soft tank tops instead of an underwire.)

I read a cute essay on Divine Caroline this week about a woman who somehow had gone around in a B cup bra and after a proper bra fitting moved up to her correct size: D. Which brings us around to the topic of bra fittings. I'm all for them, since it would be nice to be wearing something that fit properly. Just as I go to the tailor to have my clothes altered to my size, so should I be wearing the proper foundation underneath. Before my wedding, I took my gown to Lady Grace and had them help me choose a slip and bra to go under it, and it all looked great and was comfortable for a change.

Anyway, even though fittings are needed if you can't find a decent bra for yourself, it's easy enough to measure yourself, try a few on, and pick a bra on your own. But not so, according to Susan Nethero, of the new Intimacy store at Copley Place:

"This is not a product women can buy on their own,’’ said Nethero of Intimacy, which opened its first Boston store in December. ‘‘It’s a very technical product.’’
Give me a break. Women are not stupid, and they certainly know their own bodies better than the salespeople who go through a whole week of training in bra fittings to know how to pick out a decent bra. When I read this article about Intimacy, first I thought, "This is great! Customer service for women who don't want to wear Victoria's Secret crap* anymore." And then we find out that women aren't qualified to pick out their own bras, and suddenly, I no longer feel like stopping by Intimacy. While I like good service, I don't like being made to feel like I'm unqualified to know how to support my own breasts.

*Victoria's Secret used to be classy and for women of all ages. Now it's for 15 year olds who want the word "PINK" emblazoned on their asses. I do not shop there, nor do I recommend the store to anyone.

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Anonymous said...

I agree on the hatred of VS. Hate it hate it hate it.

I was recently just fitted at a department store by a woman in lab coat with a nametag that said "certified bra fitter" or some other nonsense. I mean, I don't doubt her ability to read a tape measure. And I don't doubt that it's hard to get your own measurements, especially in this area of your body. But really? A lab coat? I had no idea it was so scientific. Is she worried she'll get breasts on her clothes, thus the need to cover them?

And I also thought I was a C cup but am actually a D. Ouch. Looks like the lady in the lab coat was right. Because the three bras I bought from her all fit perfectly.

Anonymous said...

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KEHutchinson said...

Wouldn't it be funny if they had labcoated "technicians" to fit men for boxers or briefs? Men would never put up with that sort of patronization.

Carissa Rose said...

The white lab coat is funny, and completely a marketing gimmick. I am, however, a firm believer that fitting bras is an art, not science. And absolutely women can do it themselves, they just need to know what a correctly fitting bra feels & looks like.

Unknown said...

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