Monday, February 11, 2008

Ridding the Sidewalk of Plastic Bags

In my neighborhood, there is the sound of rustling plastic. Plastic grocery sacks--they blow across the streets, get caught in the shrubs, blow into the trees and stay there. They lie crumpled underfoot on sidewalks, smashed into corners of the alley behind the library.

Since the introduction last year of reusable bags at our local grocery stores, Shaws and Stop & Shop, and even Target in the past few months, one might hope for less plastic. And yet, the plastic bag continue to invade my neighborhood.

In August, I wrote about strategic tax initiatives to lower plastic bag use. While no American state has tried this, last month, New York City passed a bill requiring large store chains to provide recycling facilities for their plastic bags. [Link found via Maura Welch.]

IKEA stores charge for their plastic bags; Nate was very disgruntled about this last time we shopping there. I think this is a good idea--if the state won't take any action against the senseless waste of plastic, the stores should step in and give you an reason not to use plastic whether it's a carrot (trendy reusable bags) or a stick (charging for plastic bags).

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Angela said...

Kate - Stopping plastic bag use is so easy, I can't seem to figure out why people seem so reluctant to do it. It's a sad state. Thanks for talking about this important issue. p.s. I love my bags from

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