Friday, February 29, 2008

What's Your Type?

Years ago, in my first orientation program for work, I had to take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test (MBTI). I remember filling out preferences for words and circling options and so forth, and a few months later I was rewarded with a report telling me that I am an ENFJ type.

So what do all those letters mean? It means I'm an Extrovert who thinks Intuitively with Feeling and Judgment.

If you click on the ENFJ link above, you can learn all about how interesting a type I am, and it's a pretty good description of most of my personality. But the part of that analysis that smacked me right in the face at the end was the "examples of famous ENFJs":

Famous likely ENFJs include Ronald Reagan (who is socially gregarious--ENFJs are naturally "great communicators"--and whose emotional stance on issues translates into rigid, not very negotiable positions); Jerry Falwell (who believes all would be well if people followed his moral preachings, and whose visions have indeed garnered a great following); and Martin Luther King, Jr. (whose highly idealistic dreams and charismatic leadership created a fiercely loyal following).

I find it hilarious to see Reagan and Falwell in the same Type category as MLK. I also think that Reagan and Falwell would be appalled to see themselves in the same group as I am. But, this all means that I'm super-charismatic--I just need a following.

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William G. Cash said...

I just took an online test and it said that I am an INFJ type. Although, I expected to see myself as an INTJ.

The INTJ description seems to fit me a little bit better, but the INFJ fits as well..... I guess I'm borderline on the Thinking/Feeling aspect.

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