Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Chipping Away At Inertia

Sneakers? Check.

Sweats? Check.

iPod? Check.

Let's rock.

It's been months since I've been to the gym. I left my beloved Healthworks last August in favor of the much cheaper gym offered by my employer. I really didn't like the new gym--while it looked gorgeous from the outside with it's famous blue-glass facade, the inside was smelly, overcrowded, and dirty. There were no mats, no stretching areas. Elliptical trainers were in short supply, and forget trying to get on a weight machine. The locker room--ugh. The first time I took a shower--keep in mind I have no glasses on--I turned on the water, let it heat up, and then stepped into a small lake, with my toes caught on the most disgusting grimy mass of hair I've ever encountered.

All of this ceased with my leaving the company. Now that I'm back in the employment game, and can afford it, I've returned to Healthworks. The past two days have been fantastic; I've spent an hour each day doing cardio and gentle weight training to ease myself back into the game.

The effect has been incredible and immediate. I feel great, and, dare I say it, perky. My aching shoulders feel less tense, and I was able to bend over far enough to grab my toes last night. It's made today a lot more productive at work, and I'm looking forward to going again tonight.

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ccroceiii said...


Good to hear you are feeling well. My wife, your good friend, is getting ready for her next operation; they are going to replace her other knee. It has been a tough time these past few months as she has put off the operation to allow work related issues to be settled, but it looks like things will be fine. They are looking for a replacement for her in her department as she will not be returning to her job and her department head is retiring as well. I have not quite kept up with your job prosopects, but I am sure you would be heartily welcomed if you should choose to consider replacing her. I shall keep in touch with news of her recover.

With great respect,

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