Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Liberals Rock It Out Old School

Reg Golb's comment prompted me to pop over to the blog listed under his profile, "Nuggets of Truth." There are no new posts since December, but the oldest post caught my eye:

What does the liberal think?
I can tell you in a nutshell.

"I am smarter than you. I will do whatever I can to gain control over all of your rights. Then the world will be better off."

Except, name a liberal idea that works. How about you atheist ink? Are you a real liberal?

Maybe you can explain Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and they rest trying to smear Rush Limbaugh?

Can you defend any of your ideas?

I wanted to respond to this challenge. Reg, yes, I admit, I think I'm pretty smart. And I have some achievements to back that up, but it doesn't mean I think I'm smarter that everyone. I'm sure I'm smarter than plenty of people, but I don't spend my time preening and saying "I'm smarter than so-and-so" (okay--I admit that I think I'm smarter than George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, but I wouldn't say I'm smarter than Dick Cheney or Condoleezza Rice.)

And the big bone I need to pick here is with the idea that you think I want to gain control of your rights. It's astounding that you could even assume that about liberals like me. I'm campaigning for everyone to have their own rights. This is why I support gay rights, civil rights, and abortion rights. I want everyone to have the right to not be discriminated against, to not be spied on through wiretapping and phone records, and for women to have control over their own bodies. What anyone does with that self-control is up to them. But dammit, I think they should have that control in the first place.

I'm sure Reg is having a chuckle at having spurred this little rant, but I'm not going to walk away from the chance to express my own opinion and contradict these false generalizations. Just like my husband gets a swift swat on the rear anytime he jokes about Tyra Banks being fat. Anytime you hear inflammatory speech, be sure to reward the speaker with a large dose of your own views.

Oh, and PS: The idea of people smearing Rush Limbaugh is hilarious, especially since he makes a living smearing others.

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Reg Golb said...

Thank you for opening this dialog. My blog pretty much sucks (to use a phrase from the Liberal Tax proposals), it is slowly dying from neglect.

The right that I am most concerned about is my right to keep my own money. I happen to be a stay at home dad because my wife makes the big bucks. Whatever happened to my right to take care of my daughter?

"And I have some achievements to back that up"

What might those be? I want to hear about all the liberal ideas that have made our country so good.

KEHutchinson said...


first, let me applaud you for your acceptance of a non-traditional gender role. Men like you will help pave the way.

I'm not sure what you mean by "keep my own money." I assume you're not paying much in taxes if you are not employed outside of the home.

ccroceiii said...

My dear St. Kellen;

What is your position on smoking? May we continue our disgusting habit and do with what we want with our bodies? You know that the second hand smoke theory has been trashed just like man-made global warming, don't you?

With deepest love, Charles.

Reg Golb said...

By non-traditional do you mean that the money my wife make is hers only. If that is the case, then no I personally don't pay any taxes. However, since my wife any I have a marriage where we share literally everything, then I, in the we sense, do pay lots of taxes.

So, please continue.

Reg Golb said...

What gay right do you support that they don't already have?

What civil rights do you support that you don't already have?

What abortion rights do you support that you don't already have?

This is off topic.
Hillary said the only thing Barack brings to the table is a speach from 2002. Why does she leave out his diversity and his ethnic point of view.

Anonymous said...

How about the pay equity and equal opportunity for career advancement that makes your domestic arrangement even possible?

Fifty years ago your wife's options would have been nurse, secretary and teacher, and she most likely would have been pushed out when she got married. (Forget about working while pregnant!)

Thirty-five years ago she would have had more opportunities, but she would definitely have made less money than the men because "they had families to support." And she would just be getting a credit card in her own name, because the law that guaranteed her that right was passed in 1973.

We're still a long way from pay and career equity, but if it weren't for liberals and feminists, it wouldn't even be on the radar.

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