Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mental Health Day

Job searching can be time consuming and exhausting. My career coach recommends that the appropriate amount of time to spend on a serious job search is 20 hours a week. And so, since I've sent out 15 resumes and applications this week, I decided that today is a mental health day. A day not to stress over the situation, and wait for someone to call me back. After all, waiting for a callback is a large part of the job search.

Today's projects included catching up with my favorite online reading, listening to some podcasts that I was interested in, and trying to conquer the pile of library books I've built up. Not to mention of course the requisite trip to the gym.

Tomorrow, I'll return to the search, reaching out to some contacts and writing letters for some of the opportunities I've saved in my organizer. Right now, I'm working on quality time with the cats.


Hey, it worked! I just got a call for an interview for a certain job on Wednesday!

2 responses:

Reg Golb said...

If you wait long enough and Hillary wins, you can expect lots of new jobs. Especially really fun ones like body doubles from all the sniper fire and answering the phone at 3AM when she is sleep deprived.

WorkingDefinition said...

sorry I haven't kept up for a while, but I'm hurt you didn't call me!

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